Buy real user traffic helps push keywords to the top quickly

Traffic user Download is the future SEO trend when google is increasingly difficult with many algorithms that are constantly updated. Their traffic system is 100% real users, traffic comes from members who do tasks and receive bonuses, No tools, no Faker IP, No Proxy, everything is transparent.

Why should you use our user traffic to pull your website to the top ?
Currently, Google ranking a website to the top will be based on and 3 factors that are Backlink, Contents and Traffic. If your website has well optimized Backlink and Contents but still can't get to the top, it's due to the lack of Traffic. (Of course the traffic here must be real user traffic, not virtual traffic).

Knowing the above factors, we have set up a real user traffic service to be able to meet you to push the top keywords faster than ever. Because of our traffic, you can completely set up search keywords and how long users stay on the page. This would be to increase CTR click-through rate on keywords and decrease site bounce time. Our system has an analysis mechanism to distribute traffic during the day, not running too much and too fast. What you need to do is wait patiently for the results after a process of pushing the top keywords.
How does the website traffic system work ?

1 traffic will complete in 4 steps


Members will receive quests at


After receiving the task, the member will go to Google and enter the keyword that you have specified to search, when there are results from Google, the member will now find your website to click. enter.


Once members have reached your site, they will have to search for the Get Code button to click on it and have to wait for the time you specified in advance. (The Get Code button is the snippet that you have attached to your website before)


After the waiting time is over, the system will now display 1 link to exit the page that you specified in advance, the member will click on that link to switch the page, after they have moved the page, now the system will display CODE, this time the member will return to that old location to copy the CODE, when they have the code, they will come back < strong> to get rewarded with that CODE. At this point, it is considered that 1 tracffic is valid.

Overview of images in 4 steps to complete 1 website traffic

Get the task of traffic user
Step 1 Get the quest

The user will log into the traffic system at to receive the task, the task will spread the time of the day to ensure that the traffic is not too fast and too much.

Step 2 enter the search keyword

After the user has received the task, the user will have to access the Google search engine to enter the keyword to find, now the user will have to find the correct link in the returned results of Google to enter. This is a mandatory factor, because if they do not perform the search step, the system will not allow the user to take the next step to receive the code.

enter the keyword user traffic
user chờ thời gian kết thúc
Step 3 stay on the page for the specified time

Once the user has entered your site, the user will find the Get Code button to click, and then the user will wait for the countdown time that you have set up earlier.

Step 4 get the CODE and complete

At the end of the countdown, the user will click on the exit link that you have set up before to redirect, after switching the page, the user will return to the old location to copy the code, because the code is only displayed when the user clicked the exit link, which is required for the code to show up.

user nhận mã và hoàn thành nhiệm vụ
Outstanding Features
Traffic 100% from real users

We commit that if the traffic is not real users, we agree to refund 200% of the money to you.

Country Targeting

We have members in all countries, you can specify the traffic coming from the country you want.

Automatic activation

When you have ordered an order to run traffic, after you attach the code to your website, you will click the button to activate it immediately without anyone browsing.

Specify the website exit link

You can specify 1 or as many exit links as you want to keep things as natural as possible. This means that when members come to the page you do the task, they will stay on the page for the specified time, after the time is up, they will click on the link you specified to exit the page.

Specify the time to stay on the page

You can assign members to stay on your site for 60s, 70s, 90s, 120s, 150s to reduce the website bounce rate.

Random device platform

Our members have Ipad users, Iphone users, Computer people, Laptop people and all kinds of mobile devices, so every 1 traffic is the most random device, this helps everyone the most natural thing.

Specify search keywords

You can let members enter the keywords you require to search on Google, and then they find your page, they click on your page and stay on your page to do the task, this will help the the website you grow with the keywords you specify.

Clear and transparent reporting

You can see details of each traffic that has been run, you can see who has done the task for you, what device they use? IP address, web browser name, country and task completion time.

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